A Note from the Executive Director


A short time ago, a 48 year old gentleman lost both his parents. His only sibling, a younger sister with a husband and three children of her own, took her brother into her home because she promised her parents she would never let her brother become a burden on the State. All too soon, she discovered exactly how much care and supervision her parents had provided to her brother on a daily basis. It was heartbreaking for her to come to the realization that she could not provide for all her brother’s needs and still care for her own family. The situation had become increasingly stressful and a significant burden that was affecting every facet of their lives.

Frantic for help, the Waterbury Arc was able to step in and provide in-home supports to assist with teaching basic activities of daily living, provide vocational programs, extended day services and evening and weekend outings. The ongoing assistance provided by the Waterbury Arc relieved the pressure that was threatening to tear this family apart. Through the services of the Waterbury Arc, this gentleman now has a stable home with his loving family, is learning to become a contributing member of the household and a participating member of his community.

In these tough economic times, we need your help more than ever to continue our mission of helping others such as the family above. Please consider becoming a member of our organization. Every tax deductible membership donation is used to benefit the people we serve. Help us by joining our organization.

Thank you for your support,

Deborah Vitarelli
Executive Director