Extended Day:

Provides participants with support after our Day Programs have ended. When families and providers are unable to pick up participants, they will be comforted knowing that the participants are getting the supervision they need. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in clubs, exercise programs, cooking classes, and more with their peers and staff!


Participants are given the opportunity to go on community outings with peers and trained staff. A monthly calendar showing the cost of each trip is sent to families and caregivers. The cost covers lunch, supervision for the day, and the activity fee. Participants are offered two options for each week. In some case transportation can be provided for an additional fee. The staff to participant ratio is usually 1 to 5 but can be altered as needed. Occasionally participants will be provided the opportunity to participate in activities on Sunday at WARC, such as dances, clubs, and arts and crafts.

Previous trip locations:

  • The movies
  • Bowling
  • Mini golf
  • The Maritime Aquarium
  • New Britain Bees games
  • And more!!!

Attention staff!

If you have been itching to see the latest movie in theaters or looking for an inexpensive way to visit a local museum, then working WARC’s Saturday Program is a fit for you! You will provide support and supervision for participants in enjoyable community outings and day trips. As a staff member, your activity costs for each trip will be covered, and in some cases, your lunch will be covered as well!

Contact Shelby if you wish to experience exciting day trips with WARC participants!

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