Hours: 35/40 hours a week

Probationary Period: Three months of Per Diem with status change to Full/Part-Time

Reporting Supervisor: Department Manager

Positions Supervised: None

Credentials Desired: (Any interested candidate may be subject to the following) DDS Medical Certification, Public Service License, PMT Certification, First Aid and CPR.


  • High school diploma required.
  • Prior experience working with individuals with intellectual and or developmental disabilities preferred.
  • Must maintain a valid driver’s license with the potential for endorsement.
  • Must be willing to express flexibility in job duties and assigned tasks.
  • May be required to lift up to 25 lbs for work-related productivity. May be required to lift or assist in lifting for safety purposes as well as means to provide adequate care for program participants.
  • Must practice safe and defensive driving and adhere to all laws and regulations as well as agency policies and procedures as they apply to transportation of program participants and caring for company vehicles.

Duties Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Providing transportation both to and from program participant homes and job sites as well as driving as means to complete work-related tasks.
  • Actively pursue new job opportunities for individuals with the skill set for competitive or group supported employment.
  • Making use of down time or free time by teaching and training program participants effective job skills which may require assistance with resume building, interview prep, time management, organization, increase in work performance and productivity, establishing healthy work-place and social relationships, and money management as well as establishing job-related goals and a means to meet them.
  • Completing daily attendance as well as daily, weekly or monthly data collection sheets in a timely manner to Direct Care Worker Vocational Level II for review and making necessary changes or adjustments as needed.
  • Practicing and implementing community safety training such as traveling safe, pedestrian safety and community awareness.
  • Following direction and recommendation as set forth by direct supervisor as well as another. supervisory/administrative employee as means to provide appropriate care and support for the individuals in our program.
  • Establishing a good working rapport with community members, businesses, and potential candidates for job placement.
  • Ensuring that the integrity of WARC and all program participants is maintained while in the community, at job sites, and during transportation.
  • Maintaining and caring for company vehicles and job-required equipment as well as reporting issues or needs to supervisor.
  • Aiding in personal care for program participants, including but not limited to toileting, showering, oral hygiene, changing and dressing.
  • Protecting the dignity and pride of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by respecting their rights as human beings and as essential components in our agency’s mission statement that is to provide individuals with ID/DD with the opportunity to work, learn and belong in a safe and friendly environment with appropriate supervision and care.
  • Understanding that job tasks may change daily, weekly, or monthly depending on need which may include filling in and assisting in other programs or departments, driving and providing community experience as they fit.
  • Understanding and adhering to client specific dietary guidelines (i.e., restrictions, allergies to certain foods, consistency and size as it pertains to food products).
  • Closely monitors program participants in and away from work area, specifically while eating.
  • Regularly reviewing participant-specific goals and objectives as outlined by Individual Plan and level of need and adjusting and implementing ways to meet criteria to reach said goals.
  • Ensuring that the quality of work performed by each participant or crew meets the expectations set forth by job specific contract as well as understanding that below average performance from program participants can be a direct representation of leadership and training skills in which some jobs may need to be repeated or reinforced by way of staff assistance in order to meet the needs of contract and job expectations.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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