Individual Placement

In this model, employment opportunities are established for individuals with intellectual disabilities to hold competitive jobs within local business and industry. Participants are on the payroll of the employer and earn competitive wages. A trained job coach matches the individual to the job, provides training until the individual meets the job criteria and then provides ongoing follow-up supports to the individual and the employer for as long as such services are required. Most employers quickly realize these workers are loyal, reliable and talented individuals that become essential to their team.


Supported Employment
Mobile Work Crews and Enclaves in Industry provide the opportunity for continuous, on-site training and support in an integrated work setting. The Supported Employment program provides job training and work experience in a number of areas including custodial and housekeeping, grounds keeping and light industrial. Program participants work in a variety of community settings including area businesses, apartment buildings, offices, factories, and private residences under the supervision of agency staff.

Some of the businesses our Job Crews have

provided services for include but are not limited to the following;

  • St. Peter and Paul Church

  • A-1 Storage

  • Kolga

  • IMTI

  • Eastgate

  • United Auto

  • Middlebury Hamlet

  • Citizen’s News

  • Summerbrook Residential

  • Waterbury Firefighters

  • Jane Doe No More

  • Baier Construction


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Over the years, WARC has provided services for many businesses. Included in this component is our Enclave program.


 One of our most successful contracts within this program is Wanho Manufacturing.  The company offers precision machine, molded and stamped products such as hanger solutions, weatherproofing, hoisting grips and support accessories.  Wanho serves customers worldwide. Forty two of WARC’s consumers are currently employed.

WARC is responsible for labeling and hand packing hanger solution kits.  Attaching appropriate customer label to each poly bag, each bag is hand packed with ten hangers per kit.  Each individual kit is weighed to ensure accuracy. It is then sealed and packed in appropriate quantities for each individual customer order.  Material handlers deliver work to the production tables, perform basic quality control checks including measuring, weighing and evaluating package appearance, folds and tapes boxes, attaches appropriate labels and stacks boxes on pallets according to direction.  The individual then delivers completed skits with all appropriate paperwork to the shipping area.

Pilot Seasoning is another local business that supports our Enclave program.  Here, individuals distinguish between different seasonings, for packaging.  With the supervision of our trained staff members, the individuals are also responsible for weighing finished product to ensure accuracy, as well as preparing product for shipment to specific food chains.

The Waterbury Arc is always looking for companies who need well-supervised workers to perform a wide array of jobs, include packaging, sorting, collating, wrapping, separating, light assembly, mailing services, inspection and labeling. By using our workforce, area businesses can increase their productivity without hiring additional employees to handle seasonal work, rush jobs or unexpected overloads, while managing quality control issues. Our Center provides material handling, shipping and receiving, and in-house janitorial services. The Center offers Basic Adult Education, job seeking and keeping classes, TRAP classes, and community outings. The goal is to enhance vocational skills and work habits to move into the most independent working situation possible

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For information on how to collaborate with The Waterbury Arc for your business needs, please contact us at 203-575-0707

Grocery Program

Under the supervision of a trained job specialist the grocery program provides employment to individuals under the guise of specific customer instruction. First place an order with our job specialist. Please call  (203) 723-4568 or email Orders can be as specific as necessary. This includes specific shopping locations, specialty items, and quantity. Be sure to provide the location by which you would like your order delivered.  This is a free delivery service, you just pay for your groceries upon delivery(cash, check, with EBT options available upon requst). Shopping begins at 9:00-9:30am Monday- Friday and orders can be edited at anytime prior to shopping completion. Please note grocery crews follow specific hygienic guidelines to ensure the safety and quality of your items. Personal protective equipment is mandatory for all grocery program participants. Let us do the shopping for you.

Daily Service Options

The Waterbury Arc offers non-vocational programs for individuals who prefer a more relaxed, casual atmosphere where leisure activities, social opportunities and community outings are the focus.

This program model uses community activities and resources, art, music, hydroponic gardening, and entertainment to encourage personal growth and development. It serves adults with intellectual disabilities who have a desire for self exploration and an eagerness to be a full participant in the community in which they live. This program strives to discover and bring out the natural talents each individual possesses and develop those abilities.

Transitional School to Work Program
This program targets students enrolled in area special education classes who are in need of vocational or

non-vocational experiences. Students are given the opportunity to participate in any program offered by The Waterbury Arc.

This is an opportunity for students to experience a work program prior to graduating from high school. Students receive vocational training and support under the guidance of The Waterbury Arc’s well trained, experienced staff. Students are able to gain job skills, work habits and social skills. Students can also opt for non-vocational activities and experiences as an alternative to work.


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Individual and Family Support

The Waterbury Arc’s Individual and Family Support Program offers in-home and out-of-home services such as personal support, day services and group activities. Call Sandi Rodriguez at 203-575-0707 ext 136 or email at Sandi@waterburyarc.orgfor more information.

In-home services include assistance with daily living skills, personal care, laundry, shopping, making meals, dressing, leisure time activities, etc. The program is adapted to meet the needs of each individual. Each individual in the IHS program lives independently within the community, our trained staff provides supports that assist in maintaining that independence and sustaining quality of life.  Our IFS management office is knowledgeable in matters of probate court, Title XIX redeterminations , and securing appropriate entitlements.  In addition, we assist in budgeting and bill paying.  By working closely with DDS and team members our In Home Support Program ensures that each individual receives quality care in safe and appropriate environment.

Personal support can take place during the week, or on the weekends, in-home or through outings. The program is adapted to meet the needs and interests of the individual as set forth by the IP and LON.  With personal support; individuals are given the opportunity to access the community through recreational activities as well as provide 1:1 companionship inside the family home.  Our Personal Support program is dedicated to serving the individual based on their specific needs at any given time.  Our purpose in this program is to provide families with much needed assistance in day to day living.  As always, the goal of the program remains to provide support that increases daily living skills, promotes independence, encourages community involvement and maintains the safety and well-being of each participant.


This component affords participants the opportunity to go out into the community on a one to one basis to enjoy themselves on day trips, while giving family members peace of mind and much needed time for themselves. Each month a calendar of activities is sent to families and caregivers.  Every weekend, participants are provided with two options.  All options include lunch for the day and the opportunity to visit a local venue.

Group Activities include well supervised outings each Saturday. The staff to participant ratio is typically 1 to 5, but those requiring more supervision can be accommodated. There is a fee for each activity, this fee includes; supervision, the cost of lunch for the day, admission into the venue and transportation occurring during the scheduled time of the trip. Accommodations can also be made for those that require transportation to and from program activity, this can be done for an additional fee

Participants have visited such places as:

  • Sturbridge Village

  •  The Mystic Aquarium

  • The Bronx Zoo

  •  Lake Compounce

  •  Gillette Castle.

Participants also go out to the movies, go bowling, attend local and statewide sporting events, etc. Seasonal special activities are offered at the Waterbury Arc facility. Activities include arts & crafts, cooking classes, dances, and more!


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